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Bar Cart # One

26. März 2012 - Uhr

oiled american black walnut wood. hand selected. hand made in new england. the new must-have for your home

check out the new traditionalists for more informations

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Das Kronthaler / Achenkirch

2. März 2012 - Uhr

Last weekend we enjoyed a short stay in Achenkirch, a village near the beautiful Achensee in Tyrol. After a long and busy weekend in Berlin, it was time for fine beds, delicous food and a bit of wellness. The great thing about “Das Kronthaler”? The charming and lovely guest service! And of course, the inspiring boss himself, Günther Hlebaina. We have spoken to him and thus learned more about the history behind the hotel. Needless to say more. give it a try and experience it yourself…

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