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San Francisco without humans / Ross Ching

16. Oktober 2012 - Uhr

director Ross Ching created an entire series showing what iconic cities around America would look like if the humans within them suddenly vanished.

via: PetaPixel 

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The Art of Knit / Benetton

11. Oktober 2012 - Uhr


Benetton’s Art of Knit shop is open in NYC’s SoHo and it is, as they have mentioned, „a very bright, colorful and creative space, where art, design, installations and fashion knitwear meet.“

via: designbureau

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Shpock app

11. Oktober 2012 - Uhr


check out the new austrian start up app Shpock
now you have your own bric-a-brac market in your pocket

availably for iPhone und Android

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