LM Guest House / Desai Chia Architects

19. Mai 2013 - Uhr

lm3 lm4 lm5 lm6

architecture by: Desai/Chia Architects

via: TheCoolHunter.net

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Vertical Horizon / Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

26. April 2013 - Uhr

vh-page017-600x398 vh-page027-600x398 vh-page029-600x398 vh-page140-600x398

Worm’s Eye View Photographs Show Hong Kong Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

via: architizer.com

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Andy Warhol’s NYC Townhouse

18. April 2013 - Uhr

warhol_home_01 warhol_home_02 warhol_home_04 warhol_home_05

Pop-Artist Andy Warhols Town House is for sale! A very unique possibility to live in the middle of art. Maybe you’ll meet the Ghost of Andy!

via: HUHmagazine

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FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion

12. April 2013 - Uhr

medium_4kaFtGuQR928vxppPkZ4 medium_7gnOg6ADTXakhNRatoTc medium_TIKdeNAR7O38WObjt0Kj

FLUIDIC – Sculpture in motion is a striking installation made up of 12,000 lucent spheres suspended above an artificial water pond .

FLUIDIC is collaboration between Hyundai’s Design Center and design studio WHITEvoid which you can see at the Temporary Museum for New Design in Milan until April 14th.

via: Protein


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Philippe Stark for Dedon

6. April 2013 - Uhr

DEDON_LIGHTING_109_low DEDON_PLAY_108_low-1 DEDON_PLAY_112_low

macht Lust auf den Frühling: Outdoormöbel von Dedon design by Philippe Stark

via: nyla.at

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City Line / Patrick Vale

26. März 2013 - Uhr

514943adb3fc4b846200007d_patrick-vale-city-lines-exhibition_img7-1000x693 514943b2b3fc4bb3b600007f_patrick-vale-city-lines-exhibition_img6-1000x734 514943ccb3fc4b846200007e_patrick-vale-city-lines-exhibition_img8-1000x577 51494341b3fc4b846200007b_patrick-vale-city-lines-exhibition_img3-1000x432

interesting artwork by patrick vale – you can see his very first solo exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery in  from April 4-12.

via: ArchDaily.com

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9. März 2013 - Uhr

asset-8a509bb470f6ff25b6f18d8ca348abc8 asset-83fb501e9d4a0e864e3a268cd8230a10 asset-cacc22eb85b0c314c5791b7a6b59be40

The 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition impec combines Italian flair and tradition with modern technology. An exclusive set of Italian made components equips the impec frame, which is then painstakingly painted to highlight the precise carbon assembly while at the same time linking the complete work to Lamborghini’s Aventador dream car.
Additional details have been incorporated from the Aventador, including the same leather used by Lamborghini for their seats. This hide makes its way to the impec’s cockpit for bar tape and saddle. The color, the feel, and the look are all authentic and exclusive to the Lamborghini Edition impec.

more: bmc-racing.com

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House in South-Western Australia / Tierra Design

8. März 2013 - Uhr

5137e982b3fc4b5e87000014_house-in-south-western-australia-tierra-design_final-wallcliffe-0799-1000x6665137e829b3fc4bea4c000007_house-in-south-western-australia-tierra-design_final-wallcliffe-0338-stitched-1000x4735137e7a9b3fc4b3b74000003_house-in-south-western-australia-tierra-design_final-wallcliffe-0009-794x10005137e8bbb3fc4b3b7400000c_house-in-south-western-australia-tierra-design_final-wallcliffe-05841-1000x850 5137e8f3b3fc4bea4c00000d_house-in-south-western-australia-tierra-design_final-wallcliffe-0621-1000x666

Located in South-Western Australia, the private residence reflects an approach which distils built form as an expression of landscape and newly formed places connected to place.

Architects: Tierra Design
Photographs: John Madden

via: ArchDaily.com

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Hyper-collage photography / Jim Kazanjian

20. Februar 2013 - Uhr

dezeen_Hyper-collage-photography-by-Jim-Kazanjian_1 dezeen_Hyper-collage-photography-by-Jim-Kazanjian_2 dezeen_Hyper-collage-photography-by-Jim-Kazanjian_3 dezeen_Hyper-collage-photography-by-Jim-Kazanjian_4 dezeen_Hyper-collage-photography-by-Jim-Kazanjian_7 dezeen_Hyper-collage-photography-by-Jim-Kazanjian_8

These fictional views of imaginary architecture and landscapes are photographic collages produced by American CGI artist Jim Kazanjian

via: dezeen.com

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Emser Therme / 4a Architekten

13. Februar 2013 - Uhr

60864535_56af42f53b 60864517_c412101b1d 60864635_076ef56ea6 60864567_b474df7ae3 60864659_511d0eb789

Das Stuttgarter BĂĽro 4a Architekten haben im Kurort Bad Ems eine neue Therme errichtet. Zentrales Thema des Entwurfs ist der Flusskiesel wie er hier an den Ufern der Lahn zu finden ist.

Foto: David Matthiessen

via: baunetz.de

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27. Januar 2013 - Uhr

vogue_fashionshoot_00 vogue_fashionshoot_02 vogue_fashionshoot_03 vogue_fashionshoot_04 vogue_fashionshoot_05

Photography: Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

via: HUHmagazine

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An Underwater Fashion Shoot Featuring a Whale Shark

27. Januar 2013 - Uhr

whalesharkfashionshoot-1 whalesharkfashionshoot-2 whalesharkfashionshoot-3 whalesharkfashionshoot-4 whalesharkfashionshoot-5 whalesharkfashionshoot-6 whalesharkfashionshoot-7 whalesharkfashionshoot-8 whalesharkfashionshoot-9

Photographers Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt carried out the “revolutionary fashion shoot” recently off the coast of the Philippines, creating a set of fashion photos that are unlike any we’ve seen before.

via: PetaPixel.com

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TechShed Office / Garcia Tamjidi

16. Januar 2013 - Uhr

60120049_b1d1389e69 60120051_e4afb61d48 60120053_fd92d97ad8 60120057_e3463363cd 60120059_fa489b3d3e 60120061_7c1eeb0d10

great office in san francisco by Garcia Tamjidi Architecture for the Startup Company TechShed

photos: Joe Fletcher Photography

via: www.designlines.de

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H3 / 314 Architecture Studio

2. Januar 2013 - Uhr

09 07 05 03 13 01

This private house, designed by greek architects 314 architecture studio is located in athen. The house was designed in order to give the sense of hovering over the water and sailing, inspired by the owners love for yachts.

via: ArchDaily.com

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Kate Upton by Bruce Weber

19. Dezember 2012 - Uhr

upton_bruce_01 upton_bruce_02 upton_bruce_03 upton_bruce_05

via: www.huhmagazine.co.uk

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