N. Daniels Vienna / Bureau Rabensteiner

4. Juli 2012 - Uhr

This is the stationary design for N. Daniels, a rep and photo producer in Vienna. It’s simple, cool and thermo sensitive. The black color of the varnish fades at body temperature – as soon as you hold it in your hands you literally produce an image by yourself. It’s a dynamic and living design – the business cards are little polaroids with a constantly changing surface.

more about innsbruck based studio bureau rabensteiner here

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Meier _ Seefeld by BR

16. Februar 2012 - Uhr

check out this stunning identity for meier, a women´s clothing boutique in seefeld/austria, by innsbruck based creative studio „bureau rabensteiner„. The identity was designed to convey understated luxury in a comfortable atmosphere to both visitors and locals. The notion of traditional alpine winter sport chic is combined with a modern perspective on fashion and the zeitgeist of the village Seefeld.


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Hard Graft /

1. Dezember 2011 - Uhr

we really fell in love with the products of austrian basedhard graft. check out their brand new products, maybe there’s something for your wishlist.

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Evan Penny / MDM Salzburg

14. November 2011 - Uhr

stunning work by south africa born and toronto based artist evan penny. you can explore the collection „re figured“ now at the museum der moderne in salzburg / austria

photos by: wildbild and Mdm salzburg

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Moodley Brand Identity

9. November 2011 - Uhr

did you ever hear about moodley brand identity. studios in vienna and graz. no? me neither. but they blow me away with their sense for wonderful brandings. it was really hard to choose my favourite for WE-ARE, there is the great work for hotel wiesler in graz, the gordon millar award and many more. but the new branding and positioning for mareiner holz, a leading wood processor, speaks for itselfs.

explore more of their work here

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Weidenthaler / Ehrenbrandtner

10. Juni 2011 - Uhr

check out the new corporate design for the International Academy Traunkirchen by linz based graphic designer julian weidenthaler and Michael Ehrenbrandtner. they tried to implement the integration of sciences, the building and the landscape of the location.

check out more of their work here and here

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Haus K

19. Mai 2011 - Uhr

check out haus k, located in Pistorf/Austria and designed by yes architecture graz. the house was built on a former wine cellar and won the best architects award‘ 2009

more about yes architecture here

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BETA / Young Creative Lab

13. Mai 2011 - Uhr

now it’s time for beta. the BETA Young Creative Lab is neither a school, nor university, nor technical college. it is a link between a good education and a better job for young creatives from Austria and abroad, a laboratory for communication. beta lab is located at one of the most interesting places in Graz in terms of architecture, at MP09 on the Liebenauer Tangente road.

more about the BETA young creative lab here

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Lukas Muellner

21. April 2011 - Uhr

check out the great work of vienna based graphic designer Lukas Muellner.

more of his portfolio here

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21. April 2011 - Uhr

relaxing easter holidays at the wonderful designhotel miramonte? check out their packages here

more about the miramonte soon on WE-ARE!

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4. April 2011 - Uhr

check out NECTAR & PULSE, a young company from Austria founded by tanja sieder & carina schichl.

they creating characterful, personalised travelguides from the insider recommendations of carefully selected  individuals based in cities around the globe. it’s the essence of the city, the secret spots and the great design what makes NECTAR & PULSE so special. WE-ARE! and the girls from Nectar & Pulse giving away two of this gorgeous travelguides on our facebook site.

the travelguides are available here

more informations about nectar & pulse here


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Foeger Woman Pure / Telfs

28. März 2011 - Uhr

The Foeger Woman Pure fashion house in telfs is the place to be for fashion victims in tirol. Basel studio Pedrocchi Architekten have now designed an breathtaking extension with a faceted glass front. The interior consists of raw concrete, glass and natural stone flooring with exposed metal clothes rails that hang down from the beam.

Photographs by Ruedi Walti



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Bauernhaus / Fahndorf, Austria

27. August 2010 - Uhr

love the architecture of this 200 year old farmhouse in fahndorf (austria) by vienna based architecture office propeller z. great job guys / photos by hertha hurnaus

via/ freshhome

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Hard Graft + MĂĽhlbauer

27. August 2010 - Uhr

hard graft and mĂĽhlbauer, two of the finest austrian labels, connect for a limited hat edition. what a great combination.

via/ lostinasupermarket.com

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Lisa Walde / Shop Opening

28. Juli 2010 - Uhr

YouTube Preview Image

today is the day of innsbruck based fashion designer lisa walde. she opens her first shop at innsbruck and presents her gorgeous bag collection. robert rotifer will play a few songs, so join the party from 6pm at innstraĂźe 23.

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