19. November 2013 - Uhr

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Sotheby’s asked Jony Ive and Marc Newson to pick their favorite design products for the (RED) Auction, which is raising money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.


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Leica M for (RED) / Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson

9. Oktober 2013 - Uhr

leica_jonyive_02 leica_jonyive_03 leica_jonyive_05

the Leica M for (RED), designed by Marc Newson and Jonathan Ive – the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple – is a one-of-a-kind Leica M rangefinder camera which will be going on auction through Sotheby’s and is expected to fetch between $500,000 and $750,000 USD.
In case you want to bid, the Sotheby’s auction is being held on 23 November, 2013, in New York.

via: HUH Magazine 

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Porsche 911 designed by facebook fans

10. August 2013 - Uhr

dezeen_porsche_911_facebook_1 dezeen_porsche_911_facebook_3 dezeen_porsche_911_facebook_5

Porsche has turned to its 5 million fans on Facebook to crowd source designs for a unique 911 car


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FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion

12. April 2013 - Uhr

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FLUIDIC – Sculpture in motion is a striking installation made up of 12,000 lucent spheres suspended above an artificial water pond .

FLUIDIC is collaboration between Hyundai’s Design Center and design studio WHITEvoid which you can see at the Temporary Museum for New Design in Milan until April 14th.

via: Protein


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Philippe Stark for Dedon

6. April 2013 - Uhr

DEDON_LIGHTING_109_low DEDON_PLAY_108_low-1 DEDON_PLAY_112_low

macht Lust auf den Frühling: Outdoormöbel von Dedon design by Philippe Stark


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City Line / Patrick Vale

26. März 2013 - Uhr

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interesting artwork by patrick vale – you can see his very first solo exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery in  from April 4-12.


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darkest before the dawn / rone

28. August 2012 - Uhr

Rone’s “Darkest Before the Dawn” Show At White Walls Gallery

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Château Cheval Blanc / Christian de Portzamparc

1. August 2012 - Uhr

Anbau an ein französisches Weingut von Pritzker-Preisträger Christian de Portzamparc (Paris). Das Gebäude nimmt die für den Weinanbau typischen Hügelformen auf. Im Inneren erinnern die 52 Betonbottiche an überdimensionale Tröge.


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Anna Craemer

27. Juli 2012 - Uhr

we present. anna craemer, a great graphic designer based in munich. there’s one simple question that drives her every day. what the f#!k is graphic design? to get closer to the answer she started investigating this question, by writing newspapers about it and interviewing experts from the field. some of this knowledge you can find in her lovely posters.

more about anna craemer here

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N. Daniels Vienna / Bureau Rabensteiner

4. Juli 2012 - Uhr

This is the stationary design for N. Daniels, a rep and photo producer in Vienna. It’s simple, cool and thermo sensitive. The black color of the varnish fades at body temperature – as soon as you hold it in your hands you literally produce an image by yourself. It’s a dynamic and living design – the business cards are little polaroids with a constantly changing surface.

more about innsbruck based studio bureau rabensteiner here

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simone wall lamp / delightfull

29. Juni 2012 - Uhr

new wall lamp called simone of portugal based lamp designer delightfull.

check out their other lamps:


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Iris / Mimi Zou

29. Juni 2012 - Uhr

new camera conzept by product designer Mimi Zou. The idia is to control the camera by your iris.
Sounds very interesting!

via: HUH.

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Meier _ Seefeld by BR

16. Februar 2012 - Uhr

check out this stunning identity for meier, a women´s clothing boutique in seefeld/austria, by innsbruck based creative studio „bureau rabensteiner„. The identity was designed to convey understated luxury in a comfortable atmosphere to both visitors and locals. The notion of traditional alpine winter sport chic is combined with a modern perspective on fashion and the zeitgeist of the village Seefeld.


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Hard Graft /

1. Dezember 2011 - Uhr

we really fell in love with the products of austrian basedhard graft. check out their brand new products, maybe there’s something for your wishlist.

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Julie Pop Bakery, new in town

1. Dezember 2011 - Uhr

They’ve always loved spending time in the kitchen together, now Mother and daughter started their own online business. They create Cake Pops, which not only taste great, but look amazing. design and photography by the amazing innsbruck based bureau rabensteiner

great to eat and fun to make – give it a try:

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