GEMA nie wieder tanzen

17. Juli 2012 - Uhr

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if you love music and the club scene in germany, you’re against the gema-reform 2013. check out this short video and join the movement!

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Soundcity 2011 / Win Tickets

17. Mai 2011 - Uhr

WE-ARE! giving away two tickets for this vibrant festival in innsbruck to our fans on facebook. join us and win!

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Soundcity 2011 / Innsbruck

3. Mai 2011 - Uhr

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one city – one night – one ticket. only 17 days left till the soundcity club festival 2011 in innsbruck. acts like louie austen, british band chikinki, bloc party dj set, makossa & megablast and many more will performing live in the clubs of innsbruck. tickets are available here

more about the soundcity 2011 in innsbruck here

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10. Dezember 2010 - Uhr

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the gorgeous tara mcdonald is performing live tonight at blue chip club in innsbruck!

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Hurts / Wonderful Life

31. August 2010 - Uhr

very stylish video by Director Dawn Shadforth

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Innsbruck = Soundcity

16. April 2010 - Uhr

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one city – one night – one ticket. electronic beats presents the soundcity 2010 in innsbruck with live acts like the amazing madita, jahcoozi, port o’brien, Sofa Surfers, FM4 DJ Kristian Davidek, and many more.

check out the official site for more informations and join them on facebook

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We love Bunny Lake

29. März 2010 - Uhr

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great music from austrian band bunny lake / give it a try!

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Studio 21 / Opening

19. März 2010 - Uhr

today is the day / the studio 21 house-club opens his doors tonight in innsbruck with makossa / megablast. photo by

give it a try

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Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer / Ravello

29. Januar 2010 - Uhr

amazing architecture by oscar niemeyer for the auditorium in ravello. the city does not live from industries or mass-tourism, but live music. the concerts of its famous festival currently are held only in open sites, which prevent the programming when it rains or when it is too cold. image by fondazione ravello

more on designboom

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PENG! Magazine / 6 / Muster OUT NOW

13. Januar 2010 - Uhr

the freshest magazine about fashion, music, art and hair!



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Vampire Weekend / Cousins

23. November 2009 - Uhr
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love the new song of vampire weekend! great band – give it a try

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16. November 2009 - Uhr
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i love this song!

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Kasabian / Football Hero

13. November 2009 - Uhr
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cool experiment to create a giant Guitar Hero controlled with footballs

via/ likecool

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Lady Gaga / Bad Romance

12. November 2009 - Uhr
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Pop phenomenon Lady Gaga release her new single “Bad Romance”

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4. November 2009 - Uhr

LA ROUX_weare

i love the new song by la roux

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