Ghost City / Randy Scott Slavin

15. November 2012 - Uhr

photographer Randy Scott Slavin shoots a great series of  Long Exposure Shots a few days after superstorm Sandy swept past New York.


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BEST MADE / New York

10. November 2011 - Uhr

best made was founded in 2009 by peter buchanan-smith, who saw a need for a better axe: an evocative tool that played an indispensable role in his life working on cattle farms and paddling and portaging the lakes of northern canada. peter knew that a well made axe – the oldest and most invaluable tool known to mankind – could not only function as a lifeline in the wilderness, but at home it could be a magnificent window into that wilderness and inspire people to reconnect with their hands, craft, and nature. clear, simple and great products.

more about their products and ideas here

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Dig for Fire

24. November 2010 - Uhr

one of my favorites this week – the design for new york based music video production company dig for fire by artist/designer kelli anderson

check out more of her fantastic work here

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Snickers / Road Trip

22. November 2010 - Uhr
YouTube Preview Image

great new snickers commercial by BBDO, New York


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Ryan McGinley

6. Oktober 2010 - Uhr

check out the photography of new york based artist ryan mcginley.

more of his artwork here

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James Macari

15. Juli 2010 - Uhr

love the style of new york based photographer james macari

check out his portolio here

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Darwin Chair by Stefan Sagmeister

25. Juni 2010 - Uhr

austrian born and new york based Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister presented this amazing chair with 200 patterns at Design Miami/Basel last week.


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NYC at Night

8. März 2010 - Uhr

great photography of new york city from above at night by jason hawkes

via/ thebigpicture

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New York Town House

23. November 2009 - Uhr


what a nice two-story family townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side by Alexander Gorlin Architects

via/ designmilk

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Poster Nr.1

10. September 2009 - Uhr


nice idea by new york based roland tiangco

check out his portfolio

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Jon Burgerman

25. August 2009 - Uhr


a few years ago i explore the works of artist jon burgerman and was totally flashed of his style. now Plush toy maker Felt Mistress created stuffed, felt, plush versions of Jon Burgerman’s Brooklyn Hipster characters and has taken photos of each of them for her Flickr page.

via/ creativereview

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Photography / Greg Manis

20. August 2009 - Uhr


gorgeous style by New York based fashion photographer Greg Manis / seen on bentrovatoblog – thanks marius

more of his work here

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Kristine Moran

20. August 2009 - Uhr


wonderful paintings by new york based artist kristine moran

check out her work

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The A to Z of NYC Design

9. August 2009 - Uhr


Display typography designed by Dylan Mulvaney for the feature article in Manhattan Magazine’s premiere issues

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rockwellgroup lab

30. Juli 2009 - Uhr


Digital Ring at JFK Terminal 5


Metropolitan Home Design 100 Party 2009

james tichenor just send me updates about amazing interactive installations by new york based rockwellgroup lab

more about rockwellgroup

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