Anthony Burrill

28. Februar 2011 - Uhr

new nice woodblock poster by anthony burrill. love his statements

available here

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Jasper Goodall

8. Juli 2010 - Uhr

love the work of UK based illustrator Jasper Goodall

more of his portfolio here

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The Bare Essentials

24. Juni 2010 - Uhr

nice self-initiated project based on the stereotypical ‘must haves’ of the graphic designer from mind set and values to tools and appliances by ashwin patel.

check out more of his work here

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Doug Wilson

31. MĂ€rz 2010 - Uhr

love the work of doug wilson / prints available at Keep Calm Gallery

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Böreal Festival by Alejandra Romån

15. Oktober 2009 - Uhr


what a nice poster and booklet design by buenos aires based alejandra romån for a music festival called Böreal / check out her portfolio here

via/ kitsune noir

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Star Grid Posters

5. Oktober 2009 - Uhr


distance yourself from the stars and enjoy your view. excellent work by new york based graphic designer mark brooks

check out his portfolio here

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Poster Nr.1

10. September 2009 - Uhr


nice idea by new york based roland tiangco

check out his portfolio

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Let Imagination Take Over

22. August 2009 - Uhr


Posters for Play-Doh modeling clay. Special die-cut on it to allows the poster closed on it’s own, the wonderful imagination revealed when people pull it opened.
Agency : Kinetic Design and Advertising
Photographer : Jeremy Wong, Nemesis Pictures

check out more on behance

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11. August 2009 - Uhr


visuell System for the Get Physical Tour by hort design studio / Kind of a corporate design for GPM events

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20. MĂ€rz 2009 - Uhr


matte amsterdam poster design in collaboration with julien arts

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